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Big Bumpin'







XBox, XBox 360



Get bumped royally. In Big Bumpin'; part of a trio of budget games released by Burger King from November 19th to December 24th 2006; your job is to go head to head with friends online and off in a bumper car mayhem. You will choose from six characters and five arenas and compete in five different bumper car competitions. The playable arenas include, Ice Box, King's Court, Broiler, and Monsoon of Doom. The playable characters include; of course Burger King's The King mascot, Brooke Burke, and Subservient Chicken. The competitions are; Own the Puck, where you must keep the puck away from the other players the longest, Last Man Standing, where you have to outlast all your competitors, Power Surge where you must race to keep all your power, Shockball, which is a hot potato kind of game involving exploding bumper cars, and the last game is Hockey, where you basically play two-on-two hockey with power-ups and weapons. Big Bumpin' also has a character creation mode where you can make a player as well as a bumper car. It also includes a tournament mode available only to solo players.


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