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PocketBike Racer







XBox, XBox 360



Mini motorcycles in the King's garden. Jump on a pocketbike and let 'er rip in this budget title from Burger King. Pocketbike's are small motorcycles that go really really fast. In Pocketbike Racer you get to choose from various Burger King characters including; The King, Brooke Burke, Subservient Chicken and Whopper Jr along with a biker and some generic humans. The racing levels feature power-ups and weapons to use against your competition. You also have a Turbo bar that builds up depending upon your racing skills. The levels include, King's Garden, Burger King Parking Lot, and Fantasy Ranch which features streets of cheese. The levels themselves include hairpins, straightaways, and jumps where you can test out the game's cartoony physics. The game also features a somewhat limited create-your-own-character mode where you can recolor all the non-mascot characters. The weapons you can use on the tracks include the standard rockets and lightning bolts as well as firecrackers and an attack to reverse an opponents control for several seconds. Your turbo/weapons meter is charged by passing through gates set up on each level. This can be used for turbo boosts of course, but it also controls the weapons. The weapons are not picked up, but are available whenever you have your meter full enough to power them with the stronger weapons using more of the meter.


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